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11 December 2008 @ 12:14 am
I confess I don't read nearly as much fic as I'd like due to time constraints, but here are some favorites, most of which are probably familar to you:

Go Not to Lethe by queenofthorns. Rated PG. Wonderful study of Lee following the Pegasus arc.

Almost Rhymes With Orange by fahye_fic. Rated R. Spoilers through season two. Different views of Lee as he interacts with different characters. Lovely.

Gleaming Auction by hackthis. Rated PG13. Set during season two. The only fic to ever make me buy Lee/Dee. ;)

Dog Tag Imprints by goddessspharo. Rated PG13. Short, beautiful piece showing Lee post-"Maelstrom."

Bunk Mates by alissabobissa. Rated R. Lee, Kara and Helo at the academy. Adorable fic that just feels right, with a humorous and affectionate look at Lee.

Falling by dionusia. Rated PG13. Set during "The Passage." And it's a perfect "Passage" fic. I love this like pie.

Rewind by nicole_anell. Rated PG13. Spoilers for "Crossroads." I'm not sure I should even describe this one, it's just frakking brilliant. Lee, Caprica Six, and Kara, as you've never seen them before. A stunning look at Lee.

And if I may be so presumptuous, I thought I'd mention one of my own fics: The Cost of Living. Rated R, takes place during "Crossroads, Part I."

Thanks for all the comments on my previous post; I still have some to respond to, and plan to do so soon.
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08 December 2008 @ 11:28 pm
I volunteered to write one of these "sprinkles" posts for the community, and since zinke already claimed my favorite subject -- arms -- I'm going to go with my second favorite subject: Lee Adama.

But wait, don't run away! I can sense many of you wanting to do that. Lee is much maligned in fandom for whatever reason (as the more "traditional" leads often are), and so I'd like to show you a little bit of my Lee Adama, the misunderstood guy who doesn't think he's a paragon of anything, but who really does try to do the right thing -- even if it doesn't always work out that way. So let me take you on a journey -- the journey of a man who never wanted any of this in the first place.... Combined meta/pictures/questions/quotes. Spoilers only for discussed eps.Collapse )
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03 November 2008 @ 12:29 pm

So, yeah, I didn't do this last week when I was supposed to. But I'm doing it now, and that's what matters, right? Due to the recent decline in participation, I'm trying a little experiment I like to call Hiatusca-Lite, where I just post a picspam smoosh all the posts into one and call it a day. So, the questions aren't necessarily rhetorical and you should feel free to chime in. If you have a spoilery discussion topic, let me know and I'll open a spoiler thread.

I am trying to make up for my laziness by including lots of armporn. Because we all know if I'd done this on time, it wouldn't have included any armporn at all. I'd have put black bars over the biceps.

Or not.

This is a show about arms.Collapse )

23 October 2008 @ 05:32 pm
I know. It’s amazing. There are arm!fics out there. Not surprisingly, said fics are a wee bit on the crackish side of life (are you guys sensing a theme, here? *g*). This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you know of any other arm-related fics out there, let everyone know in the comments.

Many thanks to em, airin, and eman for giving me free license to play this week – hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I have!

1. All Will Be Revealed by dionusia – rating: R-ish ; Summary: What if Lee had gone all the way? WARNING: THIS FIC CONTAINS SPOILERS THROUGH THE SEASON 4 FINALE REVELATIONS.

2. Nice Arms! by alissabobissa – rating: PG ; Summary: Anders, Lee, Helo all comparing arms in a choose-your-own-ending style fic. Spoilers through the season 3 episode Rapture.

22 October 2008 @ 07:23 pm
As our illustrious mod em_meredithonce observed, “I know that this is a show about character, and politics, and morality at the end of the world. But, really, this is a show about ARMS.” And because my mind is kind of a scary place, I decided to run with that idea.

So without further ado, I present to you: 

'If the Colonial Fleet and Cylons had let the arms decide'.Collapse )

Warning: This picspam contains spoilers through the episode The Road Less Traveled. And is possibly a little ridiculous.

Screencaps taken with many thanks from Galactica BBS and blackcelebration.net.


Hi all! I'm zinke and due to circumstances beyond the mods control (read: World Series), there has been a change to the Hiatusca calendar and this week's presentation, episode 4x5 The Road Less Traveled will be postponed until next week.

In it's place, I’ll be bringing you next week's scheduled special post which focuses on one of the more highbrow aspects of our beloved show: ARMS!

PLEASE BE AWARE that all of this week's posts will contain SPOILERS through the episode 'The Road Less Traveled'. Also, if you're looking for a discussion post about serious, intellectual issues you've come to the wrong place.

For Your Consideration:Collapse )

Hi, my name is Cassie and I'll be your host(ess) for Hiatusca Sprinkles this week! Welcome to the post all about the Fighting Agathons, better known as Helo and Athena.


For your ConsiderationCollapse )

Memorable QuotesCollapse )

picspam to come later this week
Hi, my name is Cassie and I'll be your host(ess) for Hiatusca Sprinkles this week! Welcome to the post all about the Fighting Agathons, better known as Helo and Athena.


For your ConsiderationCollapse )

Memorable QuotesCollapse )

picspam to come later this week
29 September 2008 @ 10:01 am
...I'm not blaming anyone or anything, but I am stating, for the record, that I told a certain person at aproximatly noon on the 20th that my picspam was done. Early. Horribly, but early. Said person did not remind (or nag) me all week about said picspam. Whether it is I or said person who is to blame for the lateness of this posting is for you to decide. I'm just saying I was done early. For once. Just so y'all know.

You know you're my favorite, please don't punch me in the face. Also go Rays. For now.Collapse )

First team to eleven!!!
22 September 2008 @ 06:07 pm
This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes.

I'm making a course correctionCollapse )