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21 October 2008 @ 01:50 pm
Special Post #5: Armporn! For Your Consideration  

Hi all! I'm zinke and due to circumstances beyond the mods control (read: World Series), there has been a change to the Hiatusca calendar and this week's presentation, episode 4x5 The Road Less Traveled will be postponed until next week.

In it's place, I’ll be bringing you next week's scheduled special post which focuses on one of the more highbrow aspects of our beloved show: ARMS!

PLEASE BE AWARE that all of this week's posts will contain SPOILERS through the episode 'The Road Less Traveled'. Also, if you're looking for a discussion post about serious, intellectual issues you've come to the wrong place.

1. Do you feel that the men on Battlestar Galactica are overly objectified by their fans because of their ridiculously magnificent arms?

2. Do you think there was a steroid-use problem on Pegasus? On Galactica? Do you think the Quorum should have held hearings to investigate or does this issue fall outside the scope of their responsibility?

3. What kind of an exercise program do you think Helo devised to get Fat!Lee back into shape so quickly?

4. Why do you think it is that we rarely get to see anyone on Galactica wearing the black t-shirts of awesome?

5. Do you think we will ever get to see Lee in tanks again?

6. At its heart, is Battlestar Galactica truly a show about morality at the end of the world, or is it really all about the arms?

7. Whose arms make for the best eye-candy? (Because I fail at poll-making, please feel free to respond to this question in the comments below) 

          a. Captain Commander Major Mister Lee Adama

          b. Karl C. Agathon (Call Sign: Helo) 

          c. The Infamous Tattooed Pilot 

          d. Samuel T. Anders (a.k.a. Mr. Thrace) 

          e. Felix “Wild Thing” Gaeta 

          f. The men of the Pegasus Flight Group 

          g. Admiral Bill "Husker" Adama

* all screencaps taken with thanks from Galactica BBS and blackcelebration.net

datsue: Billcepsdatsue on October 21st, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
*seconds the notion* Nothing like Bill!guh!ceps